Our inspiring CEO, Steve Weber, was just interviewed on BizTalk radio (Business on Air KCEO 1000AM) last week and revealed some great Real estate social media marketing strategies. This 10 minute radio interview is full of lots of great advice that every real estate professional should follow. In particular, he discusses how the market slow down has affected real estate agent’s internet strategies and what they should be doing to alleviate this problem.

NAR Survey: Only 65% of Realtors Have a Website!

Wow. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) have just recently published their 2007 Realtor Technology Survey, and that’s one of the most interesting stats from it. I’m surprised this number is still so low.

Working at Z57 means I continually get to see the great effect of having a website in the real estate business – I really can’t imagine how a Realtor could survive without one. If I ever become a Realtor, the first thing I would do would be to get my own website, complete with all the lead capture and traffic bells and whistles.

So, congratulations if you are a Z57 client with a website, and commiserations to all those other tens of thousands of Realtors out there that are getting left behind.

A New Dawn at Z57… Selling Websites Online!

Wish you could buy and build a great low-cost real estate website online and have it up and running in 5 minutes, including domain name?

Well, as of today, Z57 is pleased to announce that you can now do just that! It’s the first time that Z57 has ever sold one of its products exclusively online, so we are very excited.

The product is called ‘Agent Excellence Express’ (AE Express), and is a ’light’ version of our popular ’Agent Excellence’ real estate website.  This ‘Express’ version has zero setup fee, no contract, free domain and is only $49 a month.

While Z57’s core website product, Agent Excellence, has a more robust feature set, AE Express is a great entry-level website for the agent who is not yet ready, willing, or able to make a larger investment in their online marketing efforts.   Both website versions come loaded with professional design and content and help from our seasoned marketing experts.

For those real estate agents out there who still don’t have a website (35% according to a recent NAR survey) AE Express is a low-cost, hassle free way of getting your own website online in a matter of minutes.

And for those of you who already have a real estate website, AE Express is perfect for a secondary website – zero setup fee, free domain and no contract mean its ideal for promoting single properties or a new niche that you might be looking to get into.