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Mercedes-Benz SLR to Vault Three-Pointed Star Brand into Exotica

New M-B Will Be Made in England Do you remember when Mercedes-Benz was a force in sports car racing? Im not talking about Formula 1, where its engines are made by Englands Ilmor Engineering (now 55% owned by M-B) and chassis by McLaren (40% owned by M-B). Im not even referring to DTM, where Bernd Schneider often dominates in heavily modified CLKs. I mean sports car racing, where real production cars go head to head for race track dominance. Mercedes wants us to remember the mid 1950s when Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss and Karl Kling guided the all-powerful 300 SLR to its place as one of the most successful racing sports cars of all time. While the closest the new SLR will make it to the track might be running pace car duties, it

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Industry Report: Europes Renault Wants to Buy Volvo

Is Fords Premier Auto Group Ready to Sell-Off Volvo? Is Volvo even for sale? According to current owner Ford Motor its not, but that hasnt hindered Volvo and Renault execs from discussing options, or so the Parisian daily newspaper La Tribune stated. The two automakers were joined at the hip prior to 1993, with 20 percent of each companys car production companys stock and 45 percent of each others truck-making subsidiary being co-owned. It is an alliance Renault CEO Louis Schweitzer has stated he would like to resume, despite it ending in “cultural friction,” with Volvo not impressed with the value Renault brought to the equation. A story, featured by Automotive News, reported the leader of the French automaker would

New Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac Pursuit Appear Promising Small Cars

Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire Siblings Finally Getting the Boot GM has just announced replacements for the aging Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire models. The Cobalt and Pursuit, respectively, will be launched in 2005. The new models will share architecture derived from the Delta platform. Expected to follow the Generals new trend toward uncluttered, contemporary design, Cobalt and Pursuit will also improve interior quality, spaciousness and comfort levels. While the current Cavalier and Sunfire are not known for dynamic chassis performance, the upcoming small cars will remedy past sins. The Ecotec 4-cylinder engine found in the current Chevy and Pontiac compacts needs no performance boost at all, offering spirited acceleration. The 140-hp engine is expected to be part of the

Toyota Plans More Hybrids by 2006

Japans Number One Automaker Chooses Hybrids to Keep Its Market Edge Toyota Motor Corp., the worlds largest automaker by market value, plans to double the number of models that use hybrid engines to six by about 2006, including sport-utility vehicles, President Fujio Cho said. Starting with the 1997 introduction of the Prius in Japan, Toyota has sold 140,000 cars with engines driven by a combination of gas and electricity. Toyota is also rolling out a larger, faster and cleaner version of the Prius hatchback later this year. But this is just the beginning. “We will release hybrid sport-utility vehicles in the next two to three years,” Cho told Bloomberg News in a television interview at Toyotas fifth environmental forum in

Green Report: How to Pick a “Green” Car

The Information Superhighway Can Show You the Way In todays market there are as many cars, trucks and SUVs available as Oprah Winfrey has shoes. How can a person decide on which ones to test drive, let alone purchase? Furthermore, consumer resources to help narrow down the options have become almost as varied and complex as the vehicles theyre covering. Of course auto manufacturers have their own creative ways of capturing our individual attention and luring us down to their local dealers. Its called marketing. There are print, radio, TV and web ads boasting the fastest, fanciest, funkiest, and most fandangled new cars, trucks and SUVs on the planet, and even a few that promote earth friendliness. As the sustainable

Porsche Commemorates 911s 40th Anniversary with New Website

Porsche 911 40th Anniversary Web Site Offers History, Games and Prizes For car enthusiasts the year 1963 was one of the best. Other than yours truly arriving on the scene, Chevrolet brought out its stunning split window Corvette coupe, Chrysler created the first drivable turbine car, Buick unveiled its gorgeous Riviera coupe and Jaguar offered arguably the best ever years for its E-Type and Mark II models. And thats just scraping the surface. What many will consider autodoms most important event also took place. Porsches legendary 911 initially made its debut at the 1963 Frankfurt International Auto Show. This fall will mark 40 years of 911s, a production model that has won more motorsport events than any other currently available.

Easy To Use Internet Marketing Tips for Playable Ads Html5

    Is internet marketing something you’re trying to succeed at? If you’ve tried it and not succeeded, you should know that lots of people have done the same thing. You are now a member of a very popular club. There’s a big learning curve with Internet marketing and in this article we’ll be sharing a few simple tips to help you with your efforts.   Many people fail at internet marketing because they choose a niche that isn’t profitable. There are several factors that determine the success of your Internet marketing venture and your selection of niche forms the backbone of your whole business. The niche you choose has a hand in the rest of your business and so