V12 Power May be Derived from Enzo Supercar

Its not like Ferrari is having trouble selling cars or anything. As usual, enviable waiting lists grow longer than any other brand while its continued motorsport success, both as a front runner in F1 and Le Mans winner via its Prodrive 550 Maranello, put its prancing horse brand in the limelight over and over.

So why the early lead on the 456 replacement? Thats hard to say. Normally Ferrari buyers dont just jump over the fence for the latest Porsche or Mercedes-Benz when their car is aging, heck theyre even more unlikely to lay cash down on a Lamborghini. Maybe Ferrari wants to create another 2-year queue, whetting the collective supercar appetite for what will predictably be the most desirable 2+2s on the planet.

Either way Ferrari has just revealed artists renderings of what will no doubt draw record crowds at next years Detroit auto show. Once again it will be designed by Pininfarina, making the new model part of a tradition that goes back decades.

While in profile the sketch makes the new model look closer to how many would believe a C6 Corvette should appear, especially in the rear roofline and swooping back fenders that lead into four round taillights (the latter being both a Ferrari and Corvette trademark), no doubt the car will possess enough traditional Ferrari styling cues to leave few guessing its heritage. From the front its quite distinct though. While possibly not as pretty as the current 456M, it is much bolder paying some respect to the radical Enzo supercar. The rear taillights also pull cues from the Enzo.

Inside, the new model will be a true four-seater. The front seats will incorporate slim backsides with deep cutouts for increased rear passenger knee-room. Each new Ferrari model has subsequently improved ergonomics, fit and finish and materials used, to the point where few cars can equal the Italian marques attention to detail. The 456 replacement will without a doubt continue this trend.

As is traditional, Ferrari 2+2s come equipped with top-tier V12 power, mounted up front and turning the rear wheels. Ferrari will veer slightly from the past by adopting a front-midship design, a term Nissan/Infiniti has coined to explain its 350Z, G35, FX engine placement, placing the engine just behind the front axle for optimal weight distribution. It is expected the new Ferrari will achieve something close to 50:50 balance.


Just what V12 variation the new model will get hasnt yet to be announced, but rumor says it will be based on the Enzos engine with more than 550-hp on tap, giving it the 460 designation. So listen up married-with-children CEOs, your executive shuttle is forthcoming. Best to queue up before it grows too late.