New Channel to Focus Less on Motorsport and More on Consumer Vehicles

If youre not familiar with Speed Channel, formerly known as SpeedVision prior to Fox Network taking it over from media guru Ted Turner, it is cablevisions mecca for automotive enthusiasts. Specializing in motorsport, including two-wheel and four-wheel varieties, Speed Channel also dabbles in mainstream automotive information programming.

Obviously Wheels TV President Jim Barisano thinks Speed Channels viewers are being left unfulfilled as his new automotive channel, focusing on automotive information programming, is set to hit the cable and satellite small screen in Q4 of this year.

Barisano stated, “Weve been producing automotive programming for major networks and the auto industry for 15 years. This experience will be put to good use with WHEELS TV. The automobile plays a huge role in everybodys life, yet it is underserved in the television world. WHEELS TV is going to change all that.”


According to Barisano, Wheels TV will focus on car, truck, SUV and motorcycle news and general information via magazine and lifestyle programs, documentaries, new vehicle profiles, how-to shows, travel, safety and recall alerts, event coverage, news, movies, TV action and comedy series. Shows currently in development include: Ultimate Garage, Worlds Fastest Wheels, The Highway My Way, and Hot Streets.


Wheels TV is a division of Automotive Networks, LLC, known for their popular television show Wild About Wheels.


“The knowledge weve gained from producing prime-time, general-interest automotive television for worldwide distribution is being leveraged to create a powerful network with proven consumer appeal,” added John Coscia, executive vice president of WHEELS TV. “The automobile is everywhere on the planet. I believe that ultimately, WHEELS TV will be too.”