PokerStars has continued to uphold and improve its reputation as the home of online tournament poker over the last couple of weeks as players from around the world have been competing against each other in the Spring Championship of Online Poker. Although player counts and prize pools were down in comparison to previous years due to the lack of US players after Black Friday, it has still been an awesome series and the main event wrapped up at the very beginning of this week, with just under $5 Million guaranteed and the title being claimed by Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro.

The PokerStars SCOOP series takes an innovative approach to including players of all skill levels and budgets with each event not consisting of one tournament, but of three simultaneously. The “Low”, “Medium” and “High” tournaments of each event each have a different buy-in, meaning players with a limited bankroll can still take part in the fun by playing the low tournaments. The Main Event was no exception to this, and the Low Main Event was won by fittungen, who received $168,574.13 for his troubles. Goldenboys was the victor of the Medium event, scoring an impressive $365,386.88.

The Main Event of the Main Event is, of course, the High tournament, with its giant $10,300 entry fee generating a $3.8 Million prize pool. As well as significantly more money on the line, the High tournament is also considered to determine the true SCOOP Champion and award the Main Event title. With a serious amount of money on the line at the final table the remaining five players agreed on a five-way chop, with Tagult 먹튀검증사이트 walking away with the largest chunk of the pie at $540,125.82. SCOOP rules mean that players who agree to chop must nevertheless leave a piece of the prize pool aside and play out until there is just one winner, and Tagult was sent to the rail in second place by the 2011 SCOOP Main Event Champion Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro of Finland, who wins the title and $504,691.09

Here are the final table results of the Main Event:


  1. Lrslzk – $504,691.09
  2. Tagult – $540,125,82
  3. StigR – $390,000.00
  4. altiFC – $369,581.05
  5. danskemann – $430,002.05
  6. 810ofclubs – $167,200.00
  7. GotURead – $129,200.00
  8. el_klonkador – $91,200.00
  9. HN Kakaroto – $66,500.00


  1. Goldenboys – $365,386.88
  2. FiatEruditio – $335,386.88
  3. Halfrek – $212,925
  4. nemmad – $150,300
  5. shalzy13 – $112,725
  6. philbort – $86,422.50
  7. Coilmaster85 – $61,372.50
  8. merkurstar – $36,322.50
  9. flexxx111 – $22,545


  1. fittungen – $168,574.13
  2. Luckbox4Life – $155,092.54
  3. socutiesf – $109,083.00
  4. vossiman – $79,519.00
  5. SeriouzFox – $58,737.00
  6. Emmmmmmm – $41,955.00
  7. Smicer32 – $25,173.00
  8. nagyy88 – $15,103.80
  9. Flush_Entity – $10,069.20