The first three Day 1 flights at the 2008 Aussie Millions have concluded, and 330 players from a 780 player field remain. At the start of Day 2, this included both bartyuk and miw210.

Yesterday, both sanghoki and lennie10 took bad beats to be eliminated. Pelicancruse pushed all in in late position holding KK, and was amazingly called by two players holding Q6 and Q4. A Queen and six fell on the board to crack the Kings, and pelicancruse hit the rail.

lennie10 found himself in a pot with none other than Howard Lederer, and both re-raised preflop until lennie10 was all in with AK. Lederer was dominated, holding KQ, but sure enough a Queen came down to overcome lennie10 and bust him in a terrible beat.

Action began this morning with bartyuk very short-stacked, with only 5450 chips. miw210, however, was sitting pretty at 85,00, well above the 46,000 average stack.

Holding AQ, bartyuk easily called an all in push from an opponent in mid position. he had 44, and the board came down with a set of threes to give the opponent a boat. Bartyuk couldn’t pick up an Ace or Queen and was eliminated.

All our players performed extremely well in one of the biggest major tournaments in the world, with a field overflowing with professionals. And, we are still following Michael Wang, aka miw210, on his road to success throughout the day. Mike is currently 33rd in a field of over 300, an extremely strong position for cashing in this massive tournament. More to come!

Mike sitting at 120k

Level 8 has just started, with blinds at 600-1200 with 200 ante.

Before the break, Mike check-raised pocket Queens on the flop, going all in with the strength of his full boat. His opponent made the call, and Mike was certainly happy to see he held pocket fours.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the past couple of hours, but Mike is now at 120,000 chips, and the average stack is 78,000. The current chip leader, Con Angelakis, is holding 430,000. Nothing that Mike can’t catch with a few good hands!

Exactly 200 players now remain, which means almost half of the players will make the money. Given that Mike is well above average, things are certainly looking good for the young poker hotshot.

Michael Wang takes down monster pot

Michael Wang (miw210) has been absolutely tearing into his opponents at the table, and he has just crippled John Tabatabai, the runner-up in the 2007 WSOP Europe.

With blinds at 500-1000, Mike raised to 1500 under the gun, and was called by the small and big blind. The flop comes down Ah Ts 7h, and both blinds check. Mike bets 5000, Tabatabai in the small blind calls and the big blind folds.

The turn is the 9d, and Tabatabai checks. Mike continues the assault by betting 10,000 chips, and finds a call. The river is the 3c, and Tabatabai checks again. Mike fires 15,000, and Tabatabai takes several minutes before other players at the table call the clock on him. Reluctantly, he calls and Mike shows pocket Tens for a flopped set. Tabatabai mucks.

Mike rakes in a pot worth over 60,000 chips, and rockets to over double the average stack, which is 65,000. 240 players remain.