Keys to success in a trust startup

Why is it that very few startups succeed, whereas 99% or more fail. Firstly, the success and failure are subjective terms, and the partial success and partial failure is also part of the game. I strongly believe success depends on 2 factors, hard work  and luck. We obviously do not control the luck, but we […]

Pot Odds Introduction new usa online casinos 2022 real money

  Pots odds are important to know when you have a drawing hand such as a flush draw or a straight draw.  Knowing the fundamentals of pot odds will make the tough decisions for you.  Your pot odds calculations will tell you if calling in a drawing situation will make you money or not. Pot […]

The rtp online Rush

  I think I may know what’s wrong with my poker game. I’ve lost all sense of patience. I’m looking for big hands to play for big pots to make big moves. I’m making terrible calls knowing I’m way behind just to play for all my chips. I need that quick gratification. That’s not the […]

The 2 Million Situs Judi Slot Chip Mystery

Situs Judi Slot

  Two million chips magically appeared at the tail end of the 2007 World Series of Poker and, for awhile, it seemed like not a whole lot would be said about it. That’s until Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli did their best Sherlock Holmes and shined a bright light on either an unfortunate mistake or […]

False impressions of my own sbo creation

  There’s a guy who used to work at my old job. The guy was one of those people who never shut up. One time, I tried to out-talk him. I cut him off in mid-sentence. Rather than stopping the word he was on, he hung on it. “Chicken finnnnnnnnnnnnn” he sputtered, the air slipping […]

Day 2 has sanghoki, one player remains

  The first three Day 1 flights at the 2008 Aussie Millions have concluded, and 330 players from a 780 player field remain. At the start of Day 2, this included both bartyuk and miw210. Yesterday, both sanghoki and lennie10 took bad beats to be eliminated. Pelicancruse pushed all in in late position holding KK, and […]

Z57 CEO Steve Weber Reveals Real Estate Secrets on Radio

Real estate social media marketing

  Our inspiring CEO, Steve Weber, was just interviewed on BizTalk radio (Business on Air KCEO 1000AM) last week and revealed some great Real estate social media marketing strategies. This 10 minute radio interview is full of lots of great advice that every real estate professional should follow. In particular, he discusses how the market slow […]

jk’s vegas slothoki sojourn

  I just got back from yet another weekend in Vegas with the buddies. Seventy-two vodka and sodas, 43 hours of poker, 12 hours of table games, 3 comped hotel rooms, 3 buttermilk chicken wraps, and 1 tournament final table later, I’m back and survived to tell the tale. I got into Vegas Thursday night […]

Lrslzk wins 먹튀검증사이트 SCOOP Main Event

PokerStars has continued to uphold and improve its reputation as the home of online tournament poker over the last couple of weeks as players from around the world have been competing against each other in the Spring Championship of Online Poker. Although player counts and prize pools were down in comparison to previous years due […]

Treating Lip Conditions

  Skin conditions are commonly found on the lips. They can be on or surrounding the lips and be anything from a lesion to an excess hair problem. For most people these conditions are not trivial and although sometimes treating these conditions can be challenging, new effective therapies are emerging.   Below is a list […]