Drag Racing Core Buyers Force Ford to Keep Anachronistic Chassis Architecture

Its hard to believe but the news regarding the 2005 Mustangs rear suspension is official. After much speculation regarding a progression to a fully independent setup, it seems the sheetmetal wont be the only retro touch. Under the skin it will still incorporate a live rear axle.

Why the continuation of what many consider to be a substandard suspension system? The models core buyers prefer the straight-line performance the old system offers over the dynamic handling available with an independent rear suspension.

This news should be taken well by Fords imported competition. Sightings of the new car at the North American International Auto Show no doubt caused some concern, but few auto enthusiasts familiar with the benefits of a fully independent suspension will be willing to go backwards in time to drive a much simpler, less rewarding sports car. For these a live axle setup is too antiquated, with poor handling characteristics when compared side by side with competitors such as Nissans 350Z.


But Fords accounting department will be smiling all the way to the bank. The division will appreciate the savings derived from the much less expensive live axle configuration.


Good news for blue oval sports car fans is an IRS setup will still be available in the top-line SVT Cobra version, but at close to $35,000 fewer buyers will be able to take advantage.


Those that can will have to wait approximately one year after the standard car becomes available in dealer showrooms, due out as a 2005 model.